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100 dating sites america rusia

Mengitsu is even known to have garroted people to death.

Breakdown: Unpopular among his people Kim used the U. as a scapegoat and forced the country to believe in his delusion or else.

Some people make horrible decisions, others are just bad presidents, a few are bloodthirsty, many are extremists, a couple are warmongers, and all of these guys are a mix. Did you know the word “genocide” was coined in 1943 to describe when the Armenians were slaughtered haphazardly by Turkish leader Ismail Enver?

Ten of our political leaders in the last 130 years have been the architects of the most horrific genocides, systematic murders, blockades, brutal wars, and policy reforms history has ever recorded. Until then there was no specific word for it in our language.

Pol didn’t stop at enslaving his own people though.

His biggest claim to fame is the Ethiopian Red Terror which was a campaign of repression led by the Derg (communist militia in Ethiopia). Thousands were killed and found dead on the streets in the years that followed.Breakdown: Forced city folk to relocate to farms and forced them into hard labor.Pol Pot was the leader of the communist movement in Cambodia.Much of the murdering can be attributed to the friendly neighborhood watch there known as “Kebeles”. However there was an even more gruesome fate of being left on the street where wild hyenas would fight over the dead.As if killing innocents wasn’t enough they would then charge the family a tax to return the dead body to them. The campaign has been described as one of the worst mass murders ever in Africa.

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For various reasons the people never seemed to love the man, and so his hold on power was tenuous at best.