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The agency has existed since 1993; in other words, they are already 18 years in the dating business.This means for me, personally, that if Anastasia International had been only a 100% pure scam case and fraud, they could not work in this highly competitive industry for so long.Before the trip to meet the women that the men became acquainted with online, the men have paid Anastasia for communication services including email, live chat, video chat and their “” services.The prices for services vary and are reportedly on a sliding scale.The gentlemen buy credits that range in price but starts at about and it cost a cred for each minute of instant message type chatting.Of course, more complex communications cost more such as 6 credits per minute of video chat without voice and more for video chat with voice.

Those who do have dates may end up spending huge amounts of money but fail to have a closer relationship after the visit.

If you’re a gay man in the market for a hookup, date, or a relationship, the fastest way to find what you’re looking for is by going to a website custom-made just for you.

Single gay men can find easy access to hot men who share their interests on a free gay dating website.

I have asked by many readers what my thoughts are about that.

I give my best to reply all the questions in a very factual and detailed way. With the slogan that ” Anastasia is an international dating site that is ranked as the 29th most popular dating website in the world and earned 0 million in 2012.

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The lesson here seems to be, “” Source: The clients of Anastasia International have to pay for email and phone correspondence, video and online chat as well as flower and gift delivery.

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