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Aaron brown dating

She takes an instant liking to Dan, and convinces him to take her as his date to the Snowflake Ball.Meanwhile, Aaron agrees to go with Serena so long as she tries to get along with Lexi.However, he says he doesn't care and that he wants to be with her anyway (The Magnificent Archibalds).In It's a Wonderful Lie, Aaron's ex Lexi comes to town.Aaron eventually decides to commit to Serena only, and she is thrilled at the news.

He introduces himself to her, and they start to flirt.

He is very kind, he always cheers people up in times of need.

Trust Callie meets Aaron at a coffee shop and they begin talking.

He worked with Callie Adams Foster for the murder case of Mrs.

Johnson that Kyle Snow was prosecuted for and trying to prove his innocence.

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Later, Serena goes back to see him and also attends the gallery opening.

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