American woman dating egyptian man

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American woman dating egyptian man

She also paid for all his flights and sent money to his mother via western union. As a direct result, she had to sell her home and move into a council home which she detests and now faces financial hardship. coments plz...waleed from Egypt 24 years Regional accountant i want to calarify that not all Egyptian are deceitful and not all Egyptaian are Respected this rule for all country that there are deceitful men and there are respected men i agree with u that some of them have many interested such as money , immagiration and sex but other want love , stability and love usa for me i search for american girl for love and marriage for stability and i want to visit usa for studying business adminstration , economy and finance i offer my help for any american girl that expose to fraud and deception in Egypt this my mobile 020117710885I am in a long distance relationship with an egyptian man we are meeting in new york for my birthday in August which he is paying for, he says he has his own business there, right now he is in China on business, he has not given me any reason not to trust him, he has shown concern for me and my health and education....

Some of Egyptians who work in tour Field in Egypt they use western women for one or tow or three of the those reasons !

He returned to Egypt but used his visa to his benefit by working in europe! well, we like each other..have a like a relationship in the distance, we are always in touch.. he is planning to come to per to and know each other (on december)..

Before this, Mum helped him modernise and decorate his home - all from her own money. he is like open mind, he told his family abt me but i dont know what they think cuz in many countries people think latin girls have a free will or we have a lot boyfriends to play with them.

and we have experience similar cases mostly they scared and try to negotiate to get your money back before you start any serious act in the court that might cause him problems end up in Jail.

good luck to those who in relationship with Egyptians and remember Not all the Egyptians is like that.

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if he did apply before and get refused then you should be careful.

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