Avatar the last airbender dating sim game

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One of the key aspects of combat is the ability to counter, with button bashing leading to a quick death.Countering is often hard to perform, whether it's down to attack animations or an inconsistent approach across attacks.Effective fighting becomes near impossible when attacked by three enemy benders, an event that happens far too often.

This isn't a case of a bad review due to unfamiliarity with the source material, a fan of the show would be more disappointed in a game that has all the traits of a rush job. As candidates for father of the year go, perma-angry Spartan warrior Kratos is the most unlikely.

This is a game for people who know exactly what's going on.

Unfortunately I have never seen The Legend of Korra, so I was lost beyond the core concepts and stayed that way for the entire game. Cut scenes could be straight from the TV series and the in-game graphics are sharp and well animated.

After fighting the same set of enemies over and over again, the effect begins to tire.

The enemies aren't the only over-used visual, the locations repeat to the point where disorientation after a battle is all too common.

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In classic Avatar style, the comic is set to include both adventurous stories (such as saving a pumpkin farmer from monsters) and serious reflection on deep issues, like what it means to save the world.

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