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// // Result: FTS3/FTS4 can be used with Kompex SQLite Wrapper. ; )Add function compress database to class SQLite Database // Comment by Sven: // It would be a great feature but it isn't provided directly by SQLite. I mean it is quite often to open the same db simultaneously. // Comment by Sven: // I never tried it in a multiple thread environment. // Comment by Sven: // The Kompex SQLite wrapper is only for C and SQLite. My question is does "move to memory" behavior work well with FTS3 virtual table ? -------------------------------------- sqlite3_finalize(sqlite3_stmt * p Stmt=0x01cd4c68) fts3Disconnect Method(sqlite3_vtab * p Vtab=0x01b88168) sqlite3Vtab Unlock(VTable * p VTab=0x01a65a00) sqlite3Vtab Unlock List(sqlite3 * db=0x01a5acd8) sqlite3Reset Internal Schema(sqlite3 * db=0x01a5acd8, int i Db=-1) detach Func(sqlite3_context * context=0x0012ef08, int Not Used=1, Mem * * argv=0x01c8ad08) sqlite3Vdbe Exec(Vdbe * p=0x01b22360) sqlite3Step(Vdbe * p=0x01b22360) sqlite3_step(sqlite3_stmt * p Stmt=0x01b22360) sqlite3_exec(sqlite3 * db=0x01a5acd8, const char * z Sql=0x00edc7c8, ...) Kompex:: SQLite Database:: Close() // Comment by Sven: // Till this day, I didn't use the FTS3/FTS4 feature. I've written you an e-mail to track down that crash. Does this wrapper work properly in multiple thread environment? // But I think that I will test it one day if I have a lot of time.hi,i need C-Wrapper for connecting and using SQLITE & MYSQL databases,and i need to know the process of using them in a c-program on ubuntu OS,please help me? енÐIs Ok SQLite3 3.22 change compilelation SQLITE_ENABLE_COLUMN_METADATA example : CFLAGS= -Wall -O3 -Os -w -std=c 17 -fpermissive -f PIC -DSQLITE_ENABLE_COLUMN_METADATA LDFLAGS= -lpthread -lctemplate -pthread votre lib vas bien ce compiler mais vous ne pourrez pas l'utiliser si vous ne rajoutez pas lors de votre fabrication de votre lib -DSQLITE_ENABLE_COLUMN_METADATA -pthreadÐ? ки, басни, песни, сказки СкоÑ? I am a excellent animator just have a look RкÑ? This has all types of Instructions and Explanation related to blogs or articles.

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Sql Statement("INSERT INTO boarduser (user ID, username, picture) VALUES (1, 'apori', 'abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz')"); That last column with the alphabet is what I would like to replace with, say, a vector of 1000 floats. // // You have two possiblities to insert a blob, depending on your current source code: // 1. Kompex SQLite Wrapper_static.lib" 4 Mode(Debug, Debug Dynamic, Release, Release Dyanamic..) also same. // Unfortunately, I haven't enough time to develop it.. But some changes was needed CCC=g -4.4 CXX=g -4.4 to CCC=g CXX=g in files and replace file extension to .dylib in files UNAME := $(shell uname) ifeq ($(UNAME), Darwin) # fill me :p endif // Comment by Sven: // Cool. // Maybe you can find an API which combines the SQLite and My SQL C-API.

// The above error occured because of the usage of an older version // of Kompex SQLite Wrapper. :) // // I used this abc string as example because a binary file is nothing else than a text // with some special characters (byte values). // I think in this case it should be developed as an extension. // If you need a C-API you could use the API from the SQLite developers.

It will be also available in the sample application of the next // Kompex SQLite Wrapper release.

Maybe it would be usefull if I would provide bool // funtions which do the int You can add encrypt/decrypt to class? // Comment by Sven: // An interessting feature which would be really usefull. // But I have furthermore no time to implement it - work and study at the same // time need too much time *sigh*you can write some example "update" statement sql // Comment by Sven: // I've added a detailed example for UPDATE statements under the menu item // "Examples". Could you please tell me what the required installs are (SQLite, ...) and how I could make your code work on Linux ? Cheers, Barbara // Comment by Sven: // I've written you an e-mail.


NOTE: cocos2d-x is a compatible one for cocos2d under i Phone). This is a good C SQLite Wrapper but it uses only // another approach. Config: *.h class * ; *1.) Kompex:: SQLite Database* *::p Database = NULL; Kompex:: SQLite Statement* *::p Stmt = NULL; 2.) BOOL *:: On Init Dialog() 3.) In work function (many threads handler): void *::workfunc(Str& c) 4.) In destroy function (or destructor): void destroy() // Comment by Sven: // I don't see any problem there. /////////// std::wstring m_Wstring = m_str File Name. = 1) // execute a sql statement in values[0] in the database db.

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