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Clearly, the court maintained, the religious interests of Bob Jones University were contrary to the interests and rights of the government and the general public.In sum, the Supreme Court’s opinion in Bob Jones stands for the proposition that because nonprofit, private universities and schools that enforce discriminatory admission policies based on religious doctrine do not qualify for tax exemptions, contributions to such institutions are not deductible as charitable donations within the meaning of the Internal Revenue Code. In 1970 Bob Jones University was a nonprofit religious and educational institution serving 5,000 students from kindergarten through graduate school.

Bob Jones University is a fundie school located in Greenville, South Carolina.It was founded by Methodist evangelist Bob Jones, Sr.and is now led by former evangelist Steve Pettit, the first president of the college not in the Jones family.After the IRS published Ruling 71–447, university officials accepted applications from African Americans who were married to spouses of the same race but continued to deny admission to unmarried African Americans.Following the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeal’s 1975 decision in prohibiting private institutions from excluding minorities, Bob Jones University again revised its policy and permitted single African American students to enroll while implementing a strict rule that prohibited interracial dating and marriage.

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The Fourth Circuit remanded the dispute with instructions to dismiss the university’s suit and reinstate the government’s claim for back taxes.

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