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In this case, I’d like to think that it’s really victorious that all of these women came forward and were empowered by Quinn. I know everybody wants Adam to come back — who wouldn’t want Adam to come back?But we also talk a lot about how women are not these angels. — and we’d love to have him back, but he hasn’t been available, so there is no Adam or Darius or Serena in our plans for season 4.She so self-identifies with her work and her career, and that was so important.But one of the things that we were exploring was that, there is in all of us, I believe, this need for human connection.Well, it depends on how you look at Quinn and Chet’s relationship.I believe that Quinn and Chet have a pretty undeniable love affair, as complicated and messed up and absurd as it has been at times.

But Quinn too, her personal journey so much this season was about getting her career back.

Her final scene is so bittersweet — what do you want people to take away from it?

Well, I think we’re always trying to get people talking about things, and to ask questions rather than give answers.

EW caught up with Rukeyser to break down the season 3 finale’s twists and chat about the series’ future. Why did you want to end the season with her rejecting both men?

Didn’t she come onto this season truly searching for love, not publicity?

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But I just feel like it is an incredibly great coincidence that it’s now becoming part of the broader cultural conversation.