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C validating input char

To support validation, one option is to re-template the controls to provide your own validation template.For example, you can customize the desktop version of the template provided in the Text Box Styles and Templates topic.If parsing fails, a Message Box is displayed indicating the failure to the user.If parsing succeeds, the code calls the Save Fillup method, passing it an error callback.Save Fillup method instead, as shown in the following code. Save Fillup method accepts a Fillup object to save and an Action delegate for error handling.This method starts by subtracting the previous odometer reading from the current odometer reading and stores the results in the Fillup.However, not all of the values being checked are supplied by the user, so some initialization must occur beforehand.

Before it is saved, however, the user can review the data to make sure it is accurate.Distance Driven property so that validation can occur in the class. Validate method and stores the results in a special Save Result object, which it returns to the caller.If there are no validation errors, the Save Fillup method saves the fill-up and car data.On Back Key Press method and check for unsaved changes.If there are unsaved changes, you can inform the user and potentially cancel the backward navigation.

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The following code shows the Save Button_Click event handler in the Fillup Page class.