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Questions here have to do with anything that pertains to paleontology.

The fossil record is incomplete because not all fossils have been discovered.

In Cuvier's essay on the Theory of the Earth (1813) he wasinterpreted to have proposed that new species were created afterperiodic catastrophic floods.

In this way, Cuvier became the mostinfluential proponent of catastrophism in geology in the early 19thcentury. you take it to the Devon research center in rustbro .

Fossil water is traditionally a water aquifer that has become sealed due to changes in the local geology and thus cannot be refilled by precipitation. Oil is subject to spillage during shipping, and harms marine environments when spilled into the ocean.

The term has also been used to describe water coming from certain volcanoes that comes from the lowest levels of the crust and therefore is thought... Burning fossil fuels also releases sulfur dioxide, which causes acid rain. Marble and quartzite are two examples of metamorphic rocks that lack banding and are massive.

The smallest trilobite is currently Acanthopleurella stipulae at around 1 mm, that's the size of afleck of pepper. The definition of a fossil is a whole, part or impression of an organism from a past geologic age, embedded in natural materials, such as rock, sediment, resin, petrified bones, or wood. Fossils areartifacts (impressions, trackways, coprolites, or biologic materialreplaced through diagenesis) of once living organisms.

All of the recent Ice Ages occurred during the Cenozoic Era.

During these Ice Ages, glaciers covered parts of the Northern Hemisphere as far south as what is now the northern border of the contiguous United States and southern England.

Paleontology is the study of prehistoric life and an organism's interaction with other organisms and the environment.

It is a science that attempts to explain causes, rather than to conduct experiments to observe effects, and is often based on fossil evidence.

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In actuality it is unlikely that all fossils will ever be discovered given the hit and miss nature of fossil discovery which usually occurs through educated guess work. There was an event commonly known as the "oxygen crisis" which occurred around 2.4 billion years ago.