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Maybe you’re looking for some dating advice to help you pick up the pieces of your broken heart and approach your cute new neighbor.

On the plus side, that meant Peter was freed up to become the next Bachelor. But while he isn’t returning to the show, the “I learned to take more chances. If you know you like something or want something, push for it,” he tells In Style. It will come through at some point that that’s not who you are," he adds.Kraus also stresses the importance of staying true to your personality, whether you’re dating on a reality show or in the privacy of a crowded bar. While Kraus says he's not dating at the moment, he knows exactly how he'd plan his ideal date.“I like it pretty simple, like a good dinner and good conversation. Thinks About the 14-Year Age Difference with Bekah M. Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake discuss the topic of their summer movie in our new interview! Find out what the body language of your favorite famous couple says about their celebrity relationship: Are they in love or lust?

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So, keep your head tightly screwed on if you are going to date a celebrity.