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Krauss told Buzz Feed News that what happened with Hensley in the hotel room was consensual. Years later, she told him — as well as several employees at CFI — the full story.

In that room, “we mutually decided, in a polite discussion in fact, that taking it any further would not be appropriate,” he told Buzz Feed News by email. Buzz Feed News has learned that the incident with Hensley is one of many wide-ranging allegations of Krauss’s inappropriate behavior over the last decade — including groping women, ogling and making sexist jokes to undergrads, and telling an employee at Arizona State University, where he is a tenured professor, that he was going to buy her birth control so she didn’t inconvenience him with maternity leave.

During Loose Women today, the hosts took a poll to determine how high their sex drives are.

Several women, after sharing personal accounts of misogyny and harassment by men in the skeptic community, have been subjected to Gamergate-style online attacks, including rape and death threats.

As a result, some commentators have accused parts of the movement of sliding into the alt-right.

In response to complaints, two institutions — Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, and the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Waterloo, Ontario — have quietly restricted him from their campuses.

Our reporting is based on official university documents, emails, and interviews with more than 50 people.

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Many of his accusers have requested anonymity, fearing professional or legal retaliation from Krauss, or online abuse from men in the movement who have smeared women for speaking out about other skeptics.