Comandments of dating who is keith david dating

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Comandments of dating

If you come to find out that you’re his mistress, cut that crap out immediately.

If your relationship is still in its early stages, though, you really need to be careful you don’t alienate the people who love you. We’re not meant to spend our lives being miserable.

You don’t need him to be happy, and being with him just because you want him to transform your life is immature and a recipe for disaster.

Figure your crap out first before you go hunting for a relationship Your boyfriend is not a god, so don’t treat him that way.

You deserve so much more, so don’t put up with it under any circumstances. White lies happen, even big, messy lies happen, too.

He doesn’t always need to know every single detail, but being a habitual liar makes you untrustworthy and gets to a point where you wont be able to keep up with what’s even real anymore. It makes you look insecure and act like a lunatic, and makes your guy feel like you don’t trust him.

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But beware — if you constantly badmouth him to people, he Make real time for one another.