Consolidating sql databases

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Consolidating sql databases

Then if you omit something in your redesign that turns out to be necessary, at least you can easily get the structure and original data back.It is also best to not delte anything until your redesign is complete and tested.Things to look for:tables that need to be normalized, data repeated from database to database, lack of data integrity checks Lack of indexespoorly performing queries and stored procedurestables not being usedsps not being usedapplications not being usedfunctions not being usedwrong datatypes for the data stored - the worst for this is often date data stored as some character type of data. The problem is just that most of the developers are not around! Almost always this data has not be checked for date validity and will cause problems when converting it to a real datetime field.

As a consulting partner, we offered a new architecture for their virtualized system.Note things you see off-hand that need changing as you read.Things like cursors, use of @@identity, temp tables instead of table variables, etc.You can note eachtask you need to do in it when you find it and then you won't forget to do it when the time comes that you are ready for that part. You will need to know exactly what you need to do and when.Plus, after you put each task inthe tracker, you have record of exaclty what was done, to show management exactly how complex a task it was. (I am assuming you actually then go one to perform the tasks you put in the tracker.) I was amazed at how much better our development process was when we started putting all tasks into the bug tracker, not just bugs.

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I would look over the data which is actually being stored.