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But if you take things slow, and focus on the three stages mentioned in the introduction, the attention stage, the chemistry stage and finally the conversation stage, you’d realize that even before you start talking to your crush, your crush would already have a crush on you!STAGE 3 – 8 ways to initiate a conversation If you followed the first two stages to the tee, your crush probably likes you already, and they’d assume they’re the one who has a crush on you, and not the other way around.Building the foundation perfectly to ensure that your crush is actually just as crazy about you as you are about them, well, that’s the tricky part.Read the first part to know about the 15 tips to make your crush notice you and like you back before you use these tips on how to talk to your crush.Now all you need to do is initiate a conversation subtly, without making it too obvious that you’re looking for excuses to chat them up.Use these 8 ways to initiate a conversation with your crush.

Look around dramatically and impatiently, and pretend like you’re almost panicking because you’re already late for something.[Read: 15 easy conversation starters you can use on your crush] And all of a sudden, lock eyes with your crush, and ask them a question, “hey… ” or “I’m sorry, but did you see a girl walk past here just now?” Once your crush answers your question, continue to look around for a few more seconds, and exchange a fleeting glance, nod or smile and walk away like you’re flustered and busy.[Read: How to create a romantic meet cute with your crush] But just a word of caution to play it safe, don’t stretch the first time you talk to your crush into a long conversation immediately unless there’s a good opportunity to do so.It should be brief and quick, and should be just long enough to make both of you feel like acquaintances. The easiest way to chat up a crush is by asking them for help.

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