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One such man is Manuel who explained that he passes entire days trying to make such introductions.

"I become richer by introducing foreign men to Cuban ladies than I would working any government paid job. It is more money than working in a store or anywhere else," he remarked.

Tourists from all over the world pre-book, and in some cases booking on the spot, tours that are thinly disguised weekend sex tours to Havana.

Economic enablers for sex tourism Aside from the tasty mojitos and astounding music scene, one of Cuba's greatest lures to the male tourist is its booming sex tourism industry.

Sex tourism, a sub-sector of Cuba's prosperous tourist economy, is a significant industry and a major employer for many Cuban women and girls.

Consequently, the Cuban government strengthened its attempts to lure tourists to Cuba in order to promote revenue.

As a result of its dependence on tourism, Cuba has once again turned into a playground for those in search of cheap cigars, rum and prostitutes.

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