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As played by veteran stuntman Derek Mears and conceived by the filmmakers, this Jason may still be a bloodthirsty backwoods mutant but he’s got speed, agility, and most importantly brains.No longer living in a crude shack with his mother’s severed head on the coffee table (he’s got a new hiding place for that little family heirloom), Jason has built himself a sturdy compound with multiple access points and outfitted with a security system that includes tripwire and flood lights.The locals are less than accommodating in helping Clay in his search, acting like the disappearances in the area are just a way of life.While Trent and company enjoy a weekend of sex, booze, and getting stoned, Clay explores the area with some help from his new friend Jenna.While some of the death scenes were effective most of the time they were filmed (by Daniel Pearl, the cinematographer on both the original and its 2003 remake) and edited (by Ken Blackwell) to the point of near-incomprehensibility. Voorhees gets killed at the beginning supposedly she gets decapitated but it looks more like she just got her throat slashed.Other times the killings take place offscreen and we only get to see the gruesome aftermath, and it’s usually not that gruesome.

Directed by Marcus Nispel, the same dude who helmed the unnecessary 2003 remake of , the latest installment in the kill-tastic adventures of Jason Voorhees takes some of the most memorable elements of the first four movies and remixes them while bringing a few fresh ideas of its own to the table.

Best of all, it brings Jason back to where he truly belong, stalking horny teenagers in the woods surrounding Camp Crystal Lake.

After all, when the guy’s been killed more times than Rasputin, traveled the universe from New York City to deep space, and battled fellow franchise slasher Freddy Krueger, what else can he do?

That night as the campers pair off a hulking maniac wearing a sack on his head kills them off one by one.

Six weeks later another group of college horndogs led by conceited rich kid Trent (Travis Van Winkle) arrives in Crystal Lake for a weekend at his father’s cabin.

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