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Then they built a fence on the Slovenian and Italian borders to compliment the great work of the Hungarians.

With this information in mind, one must still acknowledge that it is very cucked, with massive amounts of invaders migrants committing frequent rapes and crimes.

The city has great universities, and is just beautiful.

The architecture there is mind-blowing, like Rome jacked up on steroids.

If your goal is to find a wife, you could potentially strike gold, but you’d better head off and find a Ukrainian woman to be on the safe side. Does it vary from a major city like Vienna versus the village girls?I haven’t traveled to Germany this year so I can’t comment on that from an “on the ground” perspective.Vienna seemed much cleaner and not riddled with refugees in comparison to Paris, but that’s not to say they don’t have problems. Austrian women have it all—short ones, tall ones, dark haired, blond haired, sultry Balkan Brown, classic European White, fat, skinny, fit—all mixed together!The difference between Austria, and say the capital of refugees—Germany—is that these crimes lead to a direct increase in popularity of the FPÖ, which is what will eventually lead them to victory!You can see many skinny guys with “Refugees Welcome” shirts walking around the city, even though they’d get hog-tied and sodomized before you can say “kebab”. [Kyle’s thoughts on this] Vienna definitely isn’t in the same state as Paris, where you feel the tension in the air.

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After I returned home, I reached out to him to see if he had an interest in sharing some of his best stories regarding Austrian women and their capital city.

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