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Working out how old a car is based on its registration plate used to be relatively easy, with the first letter of a car registration being used to denote the year it was registered.This process started in 1983 (before then the letters were used as a suffix on the number plate), and ran all the way to 2001.This meant most number plates had six characters – three letters, followed by three numbers.In 1962 the first number plates were issued with an extra letter suffix following the three numbers.Nowadays, we have a number plate system that was introduced in 2001, with seven characters as follows:• Two letters – these used to refer to a local DVLA office, but since the offices were all closed in 2013 when the DVLA was centralised they now just indicate a region.• Two numbers – these change every six months to indicate when the car was first registered.For cars sold between March and August, the numbers will be the last two digits of the year itself – so ’16’ for the year 2016.Prices of car reg numbers from the DVLA start at £250, including VAT and an £80 transfer fee, and since it started selling numbers in 1989 it has raised £2billion for taxpayers.While they’re often called private number plates, it’s a bit of a misnomer as anyone can do a number plate search and acquire the plate of their choice – as long as they can afford the asking price, of course.

Along with its sister plate ‘1A’, this pair of ultimate private reg plates is reportedly used on a pair of matching Bentleys used to ferry Jefri and his acolytes to and from his private jet.

Cars sold between September and April the following year will have 50 added to the same last two digits – so September 2016 cars will get ‘66’.

• Three letters – these are randomly issued letters.

It’s done that way so they’re easy to read both by human eyes, and by the cameras and computers used in Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) systems.

Driving a car with altered plates – for example with characters modified to spell a word – is illegal, and you can be fined up to £1,000 for number plate offences.

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From 2001 car registration years have been signified by numbers which denote the year they were registered. – see the full list of car registration years below to work out how old your car is…Before, registration plates had a letter that designated the year it was registered then three letters that were entirely random.

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