Dating community moldova

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Dating community moldova

The biggest risk to travellers remains petty theft, such as pick pocketing.This generally occurs in the usual high-risk areas like crowded city streets in Chisinau and on buses and trains, especially international ones.

One political protest in April 2009 did turn tragic, with the demonstration leading to looting, vandalism and numerous deaths and injuries of civilians and police.Some travellers have also reported items missing from accommodations. Stay away from unlit parks at night and dark alleyways when muggings could occur.Some visitors have also reported having their international packages rummaged through or stolen.Organized crime groups in Moldova exist and are responsible for human and drug trafficking.Reports indicate that more than 400,000 women have been trafficked from Moldova since the country gained independence in 1991.

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Travellers should only use official taxis "yellow ones" so you don't get ripped off.