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Dating daan live

Proof: Ang dating daan has a lot of charity works being done on all people regardless of your religion and class.We have the following: La Verdad Christian School - School that offers Free education to students (Even college)This has free Tuition, Free Uniform, Free books, Free misc even Free lunch.after that, every Worship Service/Thanksgiving, the Abuluyan (Monetary Contribution) , Closing Prayer then announcements if there are. I attended Mass once with my parents (we're Catholic) and it was only an hour ish long and by the time 30 mins has passed, I was so bored....2nd question: are there punishments for missing a day?

There is also that "International Thanksgiving" that occurs every 3months. All gatherings are basically the same, Congregational singing at the beginning, Opening Prayer, Then the Actual "Paksa" Bro Eli pre-recorded or live preaching broadcasted through all the locales internationally.FREELibreng Sakay - Bus that goes through edsa from Monumento - Baclaran. ADD doesn't hate people, even INC members, we think that INC members are just the result of the wrong teachings of their ministers.In my conclusion (correct me if I'm wrong) You left ADD and felt free because you can go wear skimpy clothes, drink alcohol, party and cut your hair without guilt and you tell US (members) to research.Religious people think that an atheist/agnostic's life must be really empty--and I also thought the same when I was religious. What do you think the appeal of Dating Daan is to attract a lot of members? i don't mean to be rude or sth, but hey they are proud of this, most members are poor. as from what i witnessed, it is almost hard to attract professionals from joining the church, they are mass indoctrination consists of comparing(or bullying) other religions' flaws and comparing it to theirs (as if they are perfect) and also, the leaders are not afraid to say gag*, tang*, tarantado etc. Or, if you die while you are suspended, high chances of you not attaining cutting my hair and that strict dress code.before i cut my hair it was below my knee already.I was told that there's a hole in our hearts that only God can fill. i think it looks like he is a "what you see is what you get" type of person, i believe this is a part of his my family, i talk to them virtually, i see them not so often, because you know, thet still can't accept that i know wear pants, i cut my hair even dyed it LOLi was 12 that time, living with my parents, and they say they'll disown me if i don't join. when i was there i have made friends, true friends (at least when i was still a member) i guess that's what made me soon as i had a stable job i moved out and lived the life i wantedthat going to church all day staring at the screen. i am actually thankful that technology was invented, i remember playing games or browsing just to kill time (just don't get caught or they'll suspend you) have you been to any of their gatherings? imagine the hardship i had to deal with everyday haha. We can't cut it so hygiene is definitely a problem.

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some members are even afraid of walking near your INC chapels, because they say INC members are gonna hurt us, especially female members, since we are easily spotted. Nung INC pa ako never ko naexperience yung mga paninira like pipilitin ka mag abuloy, or puntahan ka sa bahay para hingan ka ng abuloy. or if you are members of committees in the church (ex: gcos, workers, food preparation etc)I had relationships with non-ADD guys though. it's nice to see things in another perspective. it made me feel more alive.can't do anything bout that though. you meet for almost 3x a week for church gatherings, one of those you stay whole day lol. Falls anytime between March or April most of the time) Birthdays - we have 2. Ngl, I think it's "nicer" (for the lack of a better word) than others religions.

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