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Didn't you notice that while I was taking out the garbage I kicked my mother in the stomach? I was watching and you didn't kick your mother in the stomach! A person has two hearts: one that loves to do the right thing, and one that prefers to be selfish. But if you would then tell him, "I see you're a good person," he says, "No, I'm really not so good. " Two Hearts: "Wants" and "Desires" The struggle to do good stems from the two conflicting inclinations in every human being.Maybe one day I'll consider it." "Okay, I'll make you a deal: After one month, if you've increased your happiness, I'll give you a bonus of ,000." Now watch that guy run to you! Which is more important to him – happiness or money? But that's just the intellectual understanding of the soul.

Ask someone: "Which is more important to you – happiness or money? Just give me basic food, clothing and shelter – and then I'll gladly take a lot of happiness!People become pulverized by depression because they're not successful. If we don't keep up our guard, then we could end up like those rich-and-famous who are hooked on drugs and plagued by depression.Why is the typical image of a movie-star one who is embroiled in legal disputes, can't keep a marriage together, and spends countless hours in psychoanalysis? I want you to straighten out the world." Judaism says it's an obligation to become great. Make the right effort, and God will certainly help you achieve. If I do it, who knows what else she'll ask for next? " As for the good person, he takes out the garbage. I was in the middle of a good book, and if I don't register my protest, who knows – she might ask me to do it again tomorrow! He takes out the garbage and says, "It's my pleasure, Mom. So thank you for the opportunity to express my appreciation! He doesn't bother trying to be good, so he never feels a struggle. Whereas the person who really tries to be "good" knows how tough the job is. There's a third type: The fully righteous person, the Tzaddik.

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Even though this scenario is a bit extreme, it elucidates a crucial principle: If you are willing to give up your life to be "good," then there can be no higher goal in living than being good! Try saying, "I want to be a mediocre." You can't get the words out! Would you want to be the person to discover the cure for cancer or eliminate the threat of nuclear war? We would all love to rid the world of it's problems and unite humanity in peace and harmony. " This does not mean that you can plunder the property of others.