Dating for teachers

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Dating for teachers

A science teacher is rarely more than an arm’s length away from another science teacher.

Once you create a free profile you will be able to upload your best photos and see who else is online.

There’s a good chance they'll be much smarter than you, so prepare for your ego to be bruised regularly.

They're likely good at hiding how competitive they are, so don’t be surprised when they scream “ At work, the science teacher can be found collaborating with other science teachers on next week’s lessons.

That said, there are some things you can expect about that single teacher you’re so into.

Find the subject they teach below and figure out what they'll be like at work, at home, and (if things work out) how they’ll act when you go out together.

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It’s November, and those experiments aren’t scheduled until April, but they can never be too prepared.

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