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The order of the particular notices is as follows:-- This order varies only in the case of married women, where the name of the husband, or reference to his number, is placed next after her name, and the reference to kindred after her original surname.In a few instances, where nothing is known of a member, one or more of their children have been entered in the line.Owner Jim James recently moved his business virtually around the corner to its new 504 Main St.location that features two floors of books, as well as toys, puzzles, board games, apparel with local town names, and a pottery studio.

The reference to kindred used in this Catalogue of church members is extended to the Addenda at the end; and the abbreviation ad. Figures in paraentheses thus (2) refer to the regular number of the husband or wife; when separated by a comma thus (2, 12) the indicate successive husbands or wives and refer to them.Some amazing prices, too, featuring 5o cent paperbacks!Medfield has Park Street Books (508-242-3083), the largest children’s book store in New England, with about 200,000 books onsite and hundreds of thousands more stored offsite.Translated: I am always looking for the independent bookstores in my native eastern Massachusetts that, in all their imperfect glory, serve as perfect places to find good books.While the lack of organization can sometimes take on the likes of a good mystery book — that is, the challenging process of locating a specific book — years of experience shopping at these type of places usually results in finding something great to read. 508-867-8705) offers 90,000 or so used, rare and out-of-print books in its pleasant, quiet warehouse-like setting.

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Figures not in parentheses, and preceded by abbreviations, refer to the ancestors or kindred indicated, thus fa 20 shows the father may be found at No. Remarks and references in brackets apply to the person preceding, and who is not a member of this church. Ebenezer who with her was propounded in July last." [He d. THACHER,) by an illness of 11 weeks, disenabled to proceed with them." Her 2d., m.

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