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And when a backhoe accidentally dug up a shovel full of bones, distrust of the church flared among victims' relatives. Hinckley offered words of healing to the descendants, but punctuated them with a legalistic disclaimer of any church responsibility.

"I've never met anyone who has this type of heritage who would say no," say Bylund. "They all said yes." The story begins with a wagon train heading westward toward California, stopping in Mormon territory in need of rest.

The "Utah War" has largely faded from American memory as the Mormon Church and the public's acceptance of it evolved.

But one incident from that time stubbornly lingers and is now the subject of a fictionalized film that opens in theaters Friday. 11, 1857, Mormons aided by native American allies massacred about 120 unarmed men, women, and children bound for California by wagon train.

"People [in Utah] really understand perhaps as they hadn't until the last five, six years or so that there's a need and a possibility for real investigation and acceptance of a painful past." Kent Bylund, a Mormon who owned land at the site in southwestern Utah, has seen a shift in attitude.

Tapped by Mormon President Gordon Hinckley to head up construction of a memorial in 1999, Mr.

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Bylund turned to the local Mormon community for donations of time and money.