Dating lovez ru

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Dating lovez ru

I actually skipped some episodes, cause it got too boring, and too annoying. Out of every actress that can play a school girl, why is it Kim Sae-ron. She's REALLY good for her age, if you think that she's a bad actress please watch "Man from the nowhere/ Ajoshi" She's 8 years old there and she's acting much better than other adult actors and actress.

Angels arent supposed to be dumb, haha, but kim sae ron made me think they were dumb. I'm sorry, but she is a bad actress, her looks throws me off. It is a big deal, it's disgusting it's like watching a 5 year old with a 20 year old. It's all my fault." It's her fault but she doesn't do anything about it. they have their own sacrifice in each charters and what i love the most is the acceptance & the friendship. I think I love how she portrays the angel's innocence. Now i saw few comments that sungyeol is so asshole for running others life and etc.

But after reading all the comment n realize the main actress is 15 yrs old I lost interest already.

I hope I can find another youthful, comedy love story. I mean, the main female lead was only 14 and yet they had woohyun and sungyeol who are almost 10 years older than her playing as boys fighting over her.

So please watch it more carefully before writing such a rude comment!It would better if Kim Saeron was Seulbi, she should be paired by the actors whose younger than Woohyun and Sungyeol or if Woohyun and Sungyeol was SWH and HSY, they should be paired by the actress older than Saeron. The script of the film was lost in the middle of the road. One of my favorite Kdrama genre was High School drama and HSLO is really great. KBS is really good in doing high school drama, just like Who Are You: School 2015. Hi school love on is a kind of movie that a people will watch. And will surely make you cry from the middle up to the end of the show. To the cast and the director of the high school love on,wow ! hope , wish , ask and beg for season 2 as soon as possible. school love on................also wanna say this actor woohyun and sae-ron and all other actors are best ...i love this one....forever........ I was so hesitated to watch this but then I gave a try & this was good. Who cares about age differences when seulbi & woohyun really look cute together lol. I love how woohyun & sungyeol became be a real family since I really shipped their bromance. And the ending was very satisfying too, a positive one. Part of the story was a bit repetitive but i like the fact that it deals with some real issues that kids have to deal with like bullying, divorce,death of family members, debt etc. The lead actress might have been very young but she embodied her character really well.hi school love on was first korean drama that i watched and i loved it so much i got addicted to k dramas and i have watched this drama so many times and now i am watching it again i love woohyun and sungyeol and i love infinite I agree w/ Ozzie. The actors must be chosen not because they are "cute", but because they know how to act and their performance is real. It is made for teenagers who only look at faces and are not interested in values. The worst of all is Seoul Bi, not because she's fifteen, but because she plays the role of a silly angel, intelligent in school matters and stupid in everything else. The cast of hi school love on are great actors, specially the main characters, Kim sae ron, Lee sung yeol and nam woo-hyun. Im hoping that there will be a season 2 because it's nice and i like the plot of the story even it makes me feel cry and angry but still i loved hi school love on most. I am truly not fund of watching k-dramas but since I've watched its first episode, I already started to be addicted. Its the most beautiful and nice korean drama ive ever seen! This is one of my favorite school dramas after school 2015! Plus what makes this series so good was how it showed a teenagers struggle in love friendship and family.was beautifully shows here..seulbi woohyun loves was so pure and honest, thats a great example for all teens that even in hard times, you should be loyal and caring was 10/10. I'm glad they didn't do many kissing scenes considering her age. The lead actress's acting ability is mature for her age. Kim Sae-Ron can't act [maybe because she lacks experience] The drama had a good story premise but very poorly dragged to a point where it got painful; and this was scripted with torturous dialogue that the characters personality were lost. Though this might sound as a negative comment, I don't necessarily hate the drama.David knows Jade's past, but as his secrets are slowly revealed, Jade's trust is tested and leaves them wondering if they are truly meant to be together. But another reason is that the teen love stories from my adolescent years were way more intriguing.In the original film, Jade is 15 and David is 17 and they begin dating after being introduced to each other by her brother Keith. Movies like: A Walk to Remember, 10 Things I Hate About You, and even Cruel Intentions, were far more intense, had better dialogue, and were more memorable.

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I really loved this drama and my sungyeolie is the best actor for me *-* from choding to sercious image like this, it's a big talant ♥ I'm currently watching orange marmalade n i really love it.

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