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Dating marriage customs germany

Finally, same-sex marriages recognised abroad are automatically recognised as registered partnerships in Germany.

In July 2012 the First Senate declared privileges for married couples in respect to taxes on property purchase to be unconstitutional, while in August 2012 a German court ruled that homosexual couples in a civil union should receive the same tax benefits as heterosexual married couples.

The period between submitting the documents and the wedding ceremony is quite short, usually between 2 – 6 weeks. It is mandatory for both spouses to attend the civil wedding ceremony, which is held in the registry office local to one of the parties.

However, once the registry office has processed the documents a couple must get married within 6 months. You may choose a registry office in another location, although two fees will be charged.

In the area of tax relief married couples receive a benefit, while those in civil partnerships do not (nor do single parents and unmarried parents.

However, in the area of immigration a foreigner marrying a German citizen does not automatically attain German nationality, although they may apply for it.

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It affords key rights to couples such as in matters of adoption, tenancy and inheritance rights.

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