Dating mediterranean men

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Dating mediterranean men

Whereas some women might view their Italian boyfriend's desire to 'protect his woman' a little chauvinistic.

High maintenance Let's just say that it's no coincidence that the word 'diva' is an Italian word.

They love to stay fit and play sports, it's in their DNA. They become the best fathers once they have children, and loving husbands to their wives.voglio un po di burro. Everything in Italian sounds entering and mysterious. They are very short tempered, but it proves that they are passionate and care!

If they're not about that "fit life" than they are definitely about that beautiful eyebrows and hair life. Yes, their instincts might be to yell and get angry for no reason, but that's okay because they always end up apologizing after and they don't actually mean it, it's just part of their Italian blood.

Obviously it is not true for all men, but generally in Italian culture, the maternal parent continues to look after her sons until they are well into their 30s, much to the fury of their exasperated partners.

No ' No' means 'no' in both English and Italian - men, take note. But if you're buying flowers for your Italian girlfriend or boyfriend, they should be given in an odd number, for superstitious reasons.

Also, American girls often offer to share the bill after a few dates. American girls like flirting, but they’re much more direct.

You might just be in the dreaded 'friend zone'.

Jokes The language of love may be universal, but humour certainly isn't.

English people take note: ' English humour' is a term Italians often use to describe a joke that just isn't funny.

An American girl giving you her phone number means she is considering going out with you. With an Italian girl, you will work hard just to get her phone number. The fact that she says no the first time doesn’t mean she can’t go out or doesn’t want to. Now, the third time she says no, she means it (and don’t insist). Italian guys take the same amount of time to get ready as American girls.

It doesn’t take long to get — after all, it’s her number, not a wedding ring. Right away, she wants to have an idea of how hard you are going to work to get her attention. On the one hand, fashion, elegance, and taste are embedded in the Italian culture, so Italian guys don’t even notice they have this going for them.

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The negative side of this is that, while you may also be a genius in the kitchen, your Italian partner might kick you out.

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