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The Philadelphia Eagles are Super Bowl champions for the first time in franchise history, and that fact is owed, in part, to the 'Philly Special,' the memorable trick play that proved decisive in the 41-33 upset of the New England Patriots on February 4 in Minneapolis.The only problem is, it probably shouldn't have counted, according to former NFL official and current Fox Sports analyst Mike Pereira, who said the Eagles 'lined up wrong' on the play and should have been flagged for illegal formation.

Once again, I’ve met some gems, but a lot more lackluster . My least favorite part of all sites (or maybe dating in general? I think girls who have the guts to strike up a conversation should go for it!

No matter where you go, make sure a trusted friend has your location, date plans, and as much information about your date as you can give; safety first!

So there you have it, an honest Philly girl take on how our online dating world works.

) is that some folks say they want something different than what they actually are looking for. I once had a guy ask me where I would go if I could travel back to any point in time.

I have never initiated any conversation, but I think it has more to do with my personality . I thought it was an interesting conversation starter so I gave it some thought, replied, and then asked what he would answer.

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And since the play came on fourth-and-goal from the one-yard line with just 38 seconds remaining in the first half, a five-yard penalty likely would have prevented quarterback Nick Foles's touchdown catch or at least forced Eagles coach Doug Pederson to reconsider attempting a field goal.

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