Dating site from kenya

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Dating site from kenya

I’m the youngest of 4 boys, I’ve attended 7 different schools, and I’ve lived in 3 different continents.

I have a huge passion for business and I’ve sold all sorts of things throughout my life.

So our biggest challenge was, and still is, changing how people see online dating and convincing them that Date ME Kenya is a safe site, full of kind, friendly singles — just like them. It’s still very much a , but that’s changing and Date ME Kenya is helping change that.

Facebook also threw in a huge challenge when they decided back in December 2013 to ban all dating sites from advertising on their site.

But, like most people living in Nairobi, my main aim to any day is to avoid being stuck in traffic.

Nairobi has one of the worst traffic problems in the world.

I’m 4th generation Kenyan on my father’s side and Scottish on my mother’s, allowing me the luxury of being both a Kenyan and British citizen.

This comes in very handy when doing business in Africa and Europe.

Every morning I also try to write down 5 new ideas, this helps me become more and more creative.So I make sure all meetings are scheduled close to the office or not during rush hour, when a 3km [1.9 miles] trip can take hours.I’m an early riser and get up at about 6/am (depending how late I worked the night before).One day you might not have any internet; perhaps the power goes off; people cancel meeting at the last minute or simply turn up hours late; the police might decide to stop you for no reason and hold you for hours hoping you might pay a bribe (I never do!); every day has a little adventure and I love it, it makes me feel alive!

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The most unusual thing being used women’s underwear — it’s a long story…