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Posted by / 12-Dec-2017 23:35

Datingdevil com

Long story short, using my own gradient file, I found reproducing Simon’s results difficult to do.

So I set about to explore this issue more thoroughly to see if I could reproduce his results.

As busy as I’ve been, there’s been enough of a kerfuffle surrounding Final Cut Pro X version 10.4’s new color correction controls, specifically the new color-balance controls, that it’s penetrated my curtain of tasks and made me curious.

The process of examining FCP X further gave me food for thought concerning the differences between color-balance controls in different grading applications, the lack of true cross-platform standardization in this area, and the need for more user-accessible customization in this area.

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Dating the Devil is about the inner struggle of evil verses good and the necessary choices made to understand, find, and have love.