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Deanna dating ace

News that when she saw her brother, "It took every ounce of strength I had not to burst into tears.When we turned the corner and I saw Ace at the altar it was beautiful."The groom was just as emotional, adding "I was crying before I even saw Diana walk around the corner."Ace got a round of applause when he came down the aisle wearing a customized tux that featured the lyrics of the song he and Diana wrote, "I Do." The couple wrote their own vows, a sweet moment leaving Diana in tears several times while speaking hers.

They have also been diversifying as a way to secure income stability.

(left to right: Jason Chase, Kaleb Harms, Jim Mertens)As with many farming families in rural Colorado, the Bible offers guidance and assurance through tough times.

The matriarch, Danelle, Jim’s wife, often gives advice to others that she interprets from these worn pages.

Not only that, it serves as a family gathering hall for high school grad parties, wedding receptions or Sunday lunch as well as a place to warm up or cool down in this landscape’s harsh four-season weather.

Andrew, Cole’s younger brother, climbs to dizzying heights inside the new bin that he hopes will soon be full of wheat.

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It is time to catch up on bookkeeping and machinery repair, and of course, to pray.