Decorating hotel info room updating

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Decorating hotel info room updating

But I can’t install that until I trim out the door, so really I need to install door trim before doing anything else. I’ve been dragging my feet on trimming out that door.Ever since I installed the new door in the bathroom, I’ve been dissatisfied with it.And Tricia at Simplicity In The South turned her laundry room bi-fold doors into French style doors.I came across several more examples, but those were my favorites. Of course, since they’ll be opening out into the hallway, that means that I need to actually finish the wall (i.e., remove old drywall, remove shiplap, and install new drywall) at least on that one hallway wall before I can install the new doors.This bathroom is such a good example of how one project is dependent upon another.Immediately after I finished the floor, I wanted so badly to jump right in and start adding the wainscoting to the walls.In other words, I’m hoping it’ll turn out not only providing useful storage, but also being pretty. But as much as it’s been bothering me, I just couldn’t think of another solution.

I still think choosing a paint color is difficult but the search for the perfect color is well worth it.It’s a 32-inch door (which is the narrowest I can use for Matt), and if you’ll remember, I moved it over about ten inches from its original position so that I could have room for a wider vanity that goes all the way to the side wall (i.e., the door wall).I thought that I would be satisfied with a standard door because that’s what was there before.Since I’m adding a decorative tile trim on the wainscoting that will also act as the backsplash for the vanity, I need the precise height, and I can’t get that without the vanity and countertop being constructed and installed.But I can’t install those until I know exactly how much room the wainscoting trim will stick out on the door wall since the left side of the vanity will be sitting right up against it, so that has to be installed first.

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But I think it’ll still work, and I think it’s the best option.