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Discount friends reunited dating

Amazingly, a lot of people did: subscriptions accounted for around 40% of the site's revenues in 2008.ITV's big mistake was that it paid too much attention to that 40%.

Chemicals like dopamine and norepinephrine are released when in love," Walsh writes in her second blog post.

and a few back issues of the official Bratz magazine, we were amazed - not by the purchase price, but by the fact that Friends Reunited is still going.

ITV bought Friends Reunited in 2005, by which time it was pretty obvious that free social networking was going to be a big deal: My Space was already attracting millions of users, and Facebook was catching up fast.

The deal will allow consumers to search the web directly from the Friends Reunited website using Ask Jeeves.

The deal, which will see a branded Ask Jeeves search box accessible on every page of the Friends Reunited site, is aimed at surfers using the Friends Reunited site to search for old friends who then go on to use a general search engine.

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The truth is that DC Thomson didn't buy Friends Reunited: it bought Genes Reunited, and Friends Reunited is the plain-looking friend the successful genealogy site drags around with it.