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Educational romances professional romances dating

Skřivánek didn’t specify what that ‘different relationship’ could be, though the question was clearly about romantic relationships.The relaxed attitude toward EFL teacher-student hookups was prevalent with most of the schools I contacted.We leave similar decisions entirely up to them,” she said, stressing she did not mean students who were under-age.

However, if that relationship affects other aspects of teaching then it might be time to move to a different class or organize an alternative teacher for the student.

The lack of policy or even concern was echoed by other schools I contacted. “In the case of company clients [those students whose employer is paying for the courses], for whom as part of the study group a teacher-student relationship wouldn’t necessarily have to be favorable,” she said.

Reading between the lines, it would seem that if the romance doesn’t disrupt the teaching or the class then it is tolerated. The school would be especially concerned if the relationship favored a student’s promotion.

Pavla Pohořálková said that her school, Glossa, has no official policy either and added they were tolerant of such relationships.

“As with our teachers, so with our students, they are adults and independent people.

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