Effy and cook dating in real life

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Effy and cook dating in real life

We track down the top ten Skins actors past and present and ask – where are they now? Dakota Blue Richards Previously best known as Lyra Belacqua in 2007’s The Golden Compass opposite Daniel Craig and Nicole Kidman, Dakota took on the role of Franky in Skins’ fifth series, introducing the third generation of stars to the show.

While Skins saw her coming of age, the actress is just completing her education as she is still only 19.

Her character Effy Stonem was the sister of lead character Tony, who was quiet but dangerous.

She will be the focus of Skins Fire as she deals with living in London and working in finance.

The Londoner may have only had a supporting role as Posh Kenneth in Skins but he has gone on to grab a lot of attention for himself since leaving the show in 2009.

He appeared in BBC Three sci-fi drama The Fades in 2011 and as Agent Tucker in the film Johnny English Reborn .

Away from the small screen, Kaya has starred opposite Sam Rockwell in Moon (2009), a cast of gods in Clash of the Titans (2010) and broke through in Wuthering Heights (2011) directed by Oscar winning-director, Andrea Arnold.

Did you cross your fingers that Veronica would wind up with Piz instead of Logan on Veronica Mars?

After Skins, Joe was the voice of Clearasil adverts in Britian – and while his skin might be clear, it is now usually covered in dirt as he plays Gendry in HBO’s insanely popular Game Of Thrones series – a blacksmith’s apprentice who is the illegitimate son of King Robert I and one of the many potential heirs to the Iron Throne.

Joe also starred as the prime suspect in Murder: Joint Enterprise – a one-off drama from Danish filmmaker Birger Larsen (The Killing), which aired on BBC Two. Jack O’Connell Jack had film experience with roles in The Runaway, Weekender, Harry Brown and This Is England before landing his breakthrough role as James Cook in Skins series three.

While watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, were you Team Angel or Team Spike?

In terms of One Tree Hill, did you feel that Lucas belonged with Brooke or Peyton?

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In 2010 he played the lead role in Roy Williams’ stage show Sucker Punch, bagging both the Evening Standard Award and Critics’ Circle Theatre Award for Outstanding Newcomer in the process.

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