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Exclusive fail proof dating guide pdf

Our intended audience for this Primer is any person interested in a basic understanding of the legal issues that impact FOSS development and distribution.

In particular, this Primer, like most of our other public work at SFLC, is addressed to two constituencies.

First, we provide creative, productive hackers insight on how to interact with the legal system—insofar as it affects the projects they work on—with a minimum of cost, fuss and risk.

Second, we present a starting point for lawyers and risk managers for thinking about the particular, at times counter-intuitive, logic of software freedom.

As the founding director of the organization, I feel both proud of the lawyers and “laymen” who work at SFLC, and immensely respectful of their achievements.

Thus, this Primer proceeds in what is, to us, a very logical order.

In closing, we are extremely pleased and honored to present this Primer and hope that it will benefit both those FOSS projects we already know and those we look forward to meeting in the future. Proper understanding of these issues when the project is young can help avoid problems later.

Like every hacker whose late-night solo adventure has attracted a community of programmers doing every year what the originator could not have achieved in a lifetime, I am moved by the experience of becoming merely one among many—another of the minds and hands drawn to the work of inventing a better world.

I hope that as you read what follows you too will see some reflection of that basic miracle of sharing, teaching, and growing.

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