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I offered him a couple of drinks and we were just chating and drinking.

After your done reading this story and are interested in pictures or videos, please email me at [email protected] first said no , but as time went on and we talked about it more , she finally agreed. I bought her a lacy hot pink outfit which she filled up ever so sexy! Little did he know whatever i was buying for my wife was eventually going to be for his pleasure.So i wanted it to be a surprise to my best friend angel. So that was friday , and the day after was the big day.My wifes pussy was even more wet than its been and she was turned on and it really turned me on! So over the course of that month i brought up the million dollar question.If she was ok to have a threesome with my best friend.

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Then she switched positions with him and laid on her back and grabbed his head and pushed it down to her pussy. Then my wife called me over and started giving me head while getting her pussy eaten out.

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