Housewives orange county gretchen dating

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Housewives orange county gretchen dating

It was recently discovered that Vicki Gunvalson‘s long suffering soon-to-be-ex-husband Donn, is a lover of sex clubs.I guess Vicki’s not the only one whose love tank is full!Tamra Barney throws a "wrap party" for her 10-year-old daughter Sidney's acting class, complete with a red carpet and paparazzi.Her husband Simon is unhappy with her and friend Ricky after he overhears them using the term 'teabag' at the event.Regardless of how I feel about them being together, this is Gretchen and Slade’s time in the spotlight and I just want to move forward with my music. (Smiley was arrested in February 2009 for unpaid child support, purportedly at Rossi’s Costa Mesa home.) I was just like, “How can you call me and ask me for help when I just found out that you are sleeping with Slade?

Meanwhile, Gretchen Rossi admits that she is developing feelings for Slade, a man who previously dated two former castmembers, and that she will "get a mouthful" for dating him six months after her boyfriend Jeff died from cancer. Gretchen later explains to the camera that the pictures were taken when she was "in a dark place" following Jeff's death.And that was before star Cynthia Bailey announced her separation from Peter Thomas after a rocky six year marriage that ended as dramatically as it began back when Bailey first joined the Bravo series.(Remember her mother and sister conspiring to hide the marriage license from her on the day of her wedding?I will forever be thankful for The Real Housewives of Orange County, because that is how I got my start, but I have my own story that I have to tell through my music, and for me to go back to confront the past just doesn’t make sense. We were ALL friends, you know, no matter how close we were, I just wish they would have come to me first, without me having to find out the way that I did.Even being able to talk to Slade on it, one on one, but they didn’t even give me that.

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According to Radar Online, Donn allegedly has an interest in sex of the public variety, and that he and his partner(s) like to frequent Freedom Acres swingers club in Devore, California! Vicki loves to advertise that she has no freak number and insists she’s uncomfortable discussing sex – perhaps that’s why her love tank was running on empty all those years!

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