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Intimidating accronyms

Technology is awash with acronyms that frighten the most seasoned IT veterans.However, a virtual private network (VPN) is not one of the more intimidating acronyms that dot the computer technology landscape.For example, employees who work in accounting should not have access to a VPN that protects valuable legal information.The easiest way to infiltrate VPN security is by using a laptop to dial for a VPN connection.

All of the computer traffic exchanged between the two computer or networks includes an encryption package that contains a viewable package address, but the content inside of the package remain invisible to those who should not have access to the transferred information.

As we get later into the year, other clubs and activities will be highlighted as well.

In Forensics Speech and Debate, students will have the opportunity to compete in eleven different main events, split up into two different categories: Speech and Debate (as the name implies).

The Speech events involve public speaking or students acting out certain pieces from various scripts as they interpret it.

Then, as Debate suggests, students will debate each other.

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VPN specialists establish a unique protocol to create a virtual channel that links two computers or networks.

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