Jamaican xratesdating sites

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Jamaican xratesdating sites

Take your pick of kayaking, boat rides, scuba diving, horseback rides on the shore and snorkeling while you’re there, or forego everything, lounge in the sand and sip on coconuts with no care in the world.

And of course, indulge in some delicious traditional Jamaican food and an ice cold Red Stripe beer at any of the seaside restaurants and bars.

With a river that runs right into the sea, a gorgeous white sand beach, and swings set up by the riverbanks, Frenchman’s Cove is an idyllic postcard come to life.

Nestled in the Portland countryside, Frenchman’s Cove is arguably one of Jamaica’s most famous beaches, while remaining natural and almost untouched.

Ghostly night tours of the Great House are available, easy to sign up for and make the perfect eerie treat for the more daring tourist.

Day tours are, however, a wonderful alternative for those that like to keep the spook to a minimum.

On the same grounds as Doctor’s Cave Beach is The Montego Bay Marine Park.

Considered the best beach in Montego Bay, Doctor’s Cave is a beach you don’t want to miss out on.The falls and surrounding foliage are absolutely picturesque, the water is sparkling blue and refreshing, the staff are pleasant and there are sitting areas provided for large and small groups to picnic.Be sure to ask for the guided tours of once-secret caves and paths slaves are believed to have trod through to avoid detection from their slave masters.Why not head to Jamaica, where the Caribbean sun, white sand beaches, finger-licking food, relaxing vibes, and crystal clear water makes for the perfect tropical paradise!But with so many amazing places to visit in Jamaica, you’ll want to make sure you visit only the best places during your vacation.

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