Jesse mccartney dating website

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Jesse mccartney dating website

Derrick attempts to give his mother a birthday present in heaven, after being convinced by a new friend to try an ancient Mayan ritual.Meanwhile, overwhelmed by their changing living situation, Johnny, Jay, and Susannah consider moving out, nearly leaving Ava to raise the kids on her own.Bradin learns to adapt to the change by taking up surfing.Nikki tries to take on a "mother figure" role for her brothers, being hesitant to accept Ava and the others as her new guardians.Ava learns a terrible secret about why Johnny broke up with her years ago.Susanna pretends to be involved with Jay to ward off advances from her ex boyfriend, and Nikki believes she must seduce Cameron in order to keep him interested in her and away from his ex-girlfriend Amber (Shelley Buckner)Jay is upset that his old knee injury is keeping him from competing in the local surfing competition but Erika has plans to get him in the event.

Meanwhile, Bradin goes to Jay and Johnny for advice when he considers having sex with Sarah for the first time, but is then confused when he sees Sarah on a date with another guy the next night.The series starts with Ava Gregory, a fashion designer living in California with her three roommates, Susannah, Johnny, and Jay.Her successful life comes to an unexpected halt when she gains custody of her two nephews, Bradin and Derrick, and her niece Nikki, after the tragic deaths of their parents.Cameron Bale (Zac Efron) is Nikki's boyfriend and classmate.Summerland initially featured a main cast of eight characters.

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Nikki's blooming relationship with Cameron takes a bumpy road when its tested because Derrick needs Cameron's help with his hitting.

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