Jim strugess dating

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Jim strugess dating

, based on the bestselling English novel by David Nicholls, tells the story of Emma and Dexter – a feisty Yorkshire girl (Anne Hathaway) and a posh, overprivileged smoothie (Sturgess) – who meet on the day of their graduation from the University of Edinburgh and carry on a will-they-or-won't-they relationship for 20 years.

Charming and self-deprecating, Sturgess was about to board a plane to Los Angeles, to stay for just 24 hours before flying home to London, where his brother is getting married – rather inconveniently for Sturgess's press tour – today.

As a brief break from London burning though, have a look at this photo of Ealing and the #riotcleanup.

Last night over in New York, Anne Hathaway’s really small waist showed up in an Alexander Mc Queen dress alongside Jim Sturgess for the premiere of One Day.

"The fact that everyone's so engrossed in this book and this story proves that romance isn't dead," Sturgess continued. It's frustrating to see them miss all these opportunities. My girlfriend [the musician Mickey O'Brien]and I met in a pub and got drunk, and we've been together ever since. She's sitting in the car next to me now, laughing." My point exactly: How do you sell a love story – be it a romantic comedy, where the lovers end up together; or a romantic drama, where the love ends – to the hookup generation?

I think there are plenty of people who are romantic." There's just one little thing: Sturgess isn't one of them. Romantic comedies are scrambling to do it by mixing cynicism into the fizziness. There's another component to the difficultly these days of making romances, but it's one to which Hollywood doesn't like to cop: Because these pictures are currently perceived as "women's films," it can be hard to find a credible male romantic lead, as a lot of actors (and/or their agents) don't want their image "weakened" by being in such movies.

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