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Speaking plainly, please don’t date all through your 20s just to “have a good time,” thus delaying marriage in favor of other interests and activities. Because dating and marriage aren’t final destinations.

” Your righteous choices will keep you from getting off course.

We have the scriptures, the teachings of living prophets, patriarchal blessings, the counsel of inspired parents, priesthood and auxiliary leaders, and, above all, the still, small voice of the Spirit. This will require some sacrifice, but it will help you succeed.

The Lord will always keep His promise: “I will lead you along.” If you love Him and keep His commandments, you will have His Spirit to be with you and guide you. pertaining unto things of righteousness.”With those principles as a foundation, may I give you some practical counsel? When I was a young adult, my stake president was an investment banker on Wall Street. Education prepares you for better employment opportunities.

If you don’t, you will suffer what I would call “faith atrophy.” The very strength needed to exercise your faith will be diminished.

So exercise your faith every day, and you will “wax stronger and stronger … In addition to serving in Church callings, follow the example of the Savior, who simply “went about doing good.”Now, you may have serious questions about the choices ahead.

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Think of it: If you choose not to take a drink of alcohol, you will not become an alcoholic!

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