Methods accommodating diversity

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(also called Transportation Choice, Transportation Diversity) refers to the quantity and quality of accessibility options available to an individual or group, taking into account their specific needs and abilities.

There are several reasons that society may value improved Transportation Options, as described below.

Since many non-drivers are physically or economically disadvantaged, the quality of alternative modes has significant social Equity impacts.

Transportation Demand Management requires a parallel model, which assumes that each mode has a role to play in an efficient transportation system.

Many people value living in or visiting a community where walking and cycling are safe, pleasant and common.

There are also public Health benefits from increased walking and cycling.

the number is generally small, usually under 10% in developed countries, but if you ask, What portion of households have at least one member that would use alternative modes at least occasionally, if services are adequate?

the number is relatively large, usually 25-50%, and even higher if all Nonmotorized Travel is considered.

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