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Flodoard names "Emma regis Rotberti filia" when recording that she obliged Seulf Archbishop of Reims to consecrate her queen at Reims in 923 in the absence of her husband fighting.Settipani assumes that this indicates that she was the daughter of Raoul King of France, but this is not beyond doubt."Richardi comitis, Teutbaldi comitis, Bernardi comitis" subscribed the charter dated 25 Jul 879 under which "Bosoet coniunx mea Hirmingardi proles imperiales" donated property "in pago Laticensein villa Lantinus" to the abbey of Montirender. At first sight, this might appear to provide the missing connection with Theoderic [VI], who was also Comte d Autun.However, it is recorded that King Boson disputed Theoderics right to the county, in which case it is unlikely that he would have awarded it to Theoderics son.

The most likely possibility is that she was the daughter of Rudolf II King of Burgundy, presumably his oldest child and the only one who at the date of the charter was considered old enough to have witnessed the document.A charter dated 5 Sep 918 records the restitution of res Sancti Nazarii sitas in villa...Canavas ad Tiliniacum to the church of Autun, in the presence of Domno Richardo... He identifies Richardo with the future duke of Burgundy, although there seems to be no basis for assuming that this co-identity is correct other than the name.The name Richard is well-established in the Bosonid family, which does not appear to be the case in the Theoderic/Nibelung family to which Theoderic [VI] belonged, where it was probably recently introduced through Theoderics wife (Settipani suggests that she was the sister of King Bosons father).

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