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In this guide, we’ll call the website that’s actually hosting the content you want removed–the original source–the .

Blogs, newspapers, forums, Facebook…they’re all publishers. Let’s say that someone wrote a really unflattering blog post about you and now it’s showing up in Google’s search results whenever someone searches for your name. Here’s the important thing: To remove something from Google’s search results, you have to remove it from the original source first.

However, there is a way to speed up that process: see point 2 below.[6] Very rarely, but some times, their battery dies.This is usually an excuse……go back to reason number 5. [8] They just installed the new i OS and lost all their contacts (yes, even your precious contact info).Most of the things that people want removed are things they voluntarily posted at an earlier time.Under many websites’ Terms of Use, you lose rights in whatever you post as soon as you post it.

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To actually remove an item, you’ll have to get in touch with someone who’s in charge of managing the particular website on which it appears.

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