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My own mind flashed back to seven years ago this very week to when I looked Oprah in the eye and told her: ‘A lot of people say if you ran for president, you’d win.’We were in a Beverly Hills hotel room doing a lengthy interview for CNN. You’d be great in that lane.’Oprah’s eyes flashed with sudden intensity. What I can talk about is compassion for anybody who is struggling, who has lost their job, who doesn’t know how they’re going to pay this month’s bills.

It was my first ever show for the network.‘You know,’ she replied, ‘it’s one of those things that, if you’re living in the ego of yourself, it’s flattering to hear that. I have great empathy for that and understand what it means.’I thought then that Oprah would make a far better first female president than Hillary Clinton. She’s popular, she’s brilliant, an exceptional woman.

It's about, how can I be used for something greater than myself?

But now she doesn’t have a choice.’Until Oprah got up to receive her Cecil B.I’m very much aware of that, and I’m very connected to it.’I’m fairly certain Dr King is looking down on America right now and urging Oprah to rise to her supreme moment of destiny. Ties were after all not easy to sever with Mathew having producer credits on many of his daughter's projects and serving as the founder of Music World Entertainment, a label that, through Columbia Records, has released albums by Beyoncé, sister Solange Knowles, Sunshine Anderson, and former Destiny's Child members Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams.'Then I'd have to do it because I'd look bad [if I didn't].In 1947, two years before Bill Bernbach opened Doyle Dane Bernbach he wrote this: “There are a lot of great technicians in advertising. They can tell you that a sentence should be this short or that long. They can tell you that people in an ad will get you greater readership. Advertising is fundamentally persuasion and persuasion happens to be not a science, but an art.” Today’s marketers might want to print out these 97 words and tape them to their office walls. Advanced techniques in computational sciences have yet to produce one thing that’s key for marketers.

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