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Piano dating

No single company could provide telephone, broadband and TV here, so we got the internet and phone from Plusnet, and the TV from Sky.

Sky connected the TV to Plusnet’s internet, can you see a problem there?

Here in Britain, where antique pianos are plentiful, unrestored ones have very little value, and we are offered several each year for nothing.

The most important factor deciding the value of a piano is not its name, but its condition, and the most important aspect of that is whether it holds in tune, because if it doesn't, repairs can cost over a thousand pounds, and this is usually more than an old piano is worth.

I watched a television programme about a man who collected worthless junk for years.

Everyone agreed it was junk, nobody understood, but one day, he bought a building, and all of that “junk” suddenly came together to form a wonderfully-integrated display.

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Here are some views of our “museum” and as you can see, there is a little bit of work to be done yet over the next few months, like a wall for example!

Prices may be subject to booking fees and handling charges and may increase over time.Visiting pianos at many museums, it is interesting that there is usually little or no historical information attached to them, whereas we have more than we can possibly display.Recently, we supplied a dozen items to a World War I display, and a friend was immensely impressed with what was, after all, a tiny fraction of our display material.We are surrounded by nature, animals and birds, but inevitably there are human beings making our life difficult by not doing their jobs properly.The solicitors lost vital paperwork for two weeks, and just about every company we contact about anything uses the Post Office software to locate our house, but the listing is wrong.

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I have spent my life achieving lots of things that people said were impossible, some of them are listed on this website, but for ten years, the big challenge was to find a way into a permanent home for this unique and irreplaceable collection, before I get too old to do it justice. We are a world centre for piano history, we deal with enquiries from around the world every day, and I find myself in the position of being the keeper and protector of a unique history collection, not just because it is my passion, or because of anything it can do for me.