Picasa keeps updating thumbnails

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Picasa keeps updating thumbnails

What I have found is that on my Galaxy Nexus, the images for Picassa are stored in one of subdirectories under the /sdcard/Android/data/com.google.plus/cache directory.

When the content provider is com.google.android.gallery3d.provider then the number after "item" in the URL contains the name of the image (in your example above "5634890756050069570").

This is done while browsing an album’s photos, click the “Image” button.

After clicking the “Image” button, it will switch to “Gallery” indicating that any photos selected this time will be inserted into the post in “Gallery” format using the default blog thumbnail size.

This data correspondes to a file in one of the subdirectories under /sdcard/Android/data/com.google.plus/cache with the extension ".screen".

If you were to copy this image from your phone (in your case 5634890756050069570.screen) using DDMS and rename it with the extension ".jpeg" you could open it and view it on your computer.

The error message provided should give you a URL you can click, which will then provide you with Google’s error message.

Changes were made to the token authorization process to fix issues on Google’s side, and these changes have altered the URL used to generate the token.Google / Picasaweb tag searching currently contains a bug that causes images to slowly start dropping out of tag search results, causing fewer than expected images to be returned.I have posted several issues and am following threads like the following: Google Groups: Picasa Data API Hopefully Google will discover the cause of the problem soon.The following on Activity Result method will check for this content provider being returned, and then will recursively search for the file in the /sdcard/Android/data/com.google.plus/cache directory.The private member variable file Search Path Results is filled in by the recursive search method walk Directory Recursively Searching For File().

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This is done by inserting an “Album” shortcode, but in the “Options” prior to inserting populate the “Photo tag options” to select photos with the “Featured” tag, or a customized tag name typed into the text box.